Venue: Thon Hotel Lofoten, Svolvær – Arctic Norway

A lighthouse guides us at sea. It doesn’t shine alone but is connected through an international system of lighthouses. Our hope is that Lighthouse Lofoten will function as a navigational aid, guiding us towards a clean and healthy ocean. The goal of the conference is to connect people working against marine litter around the world, and to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

“From Coast to Coast” aims to present the need to strengthen cooperation on prevention and clean- up of marine litter. We want to elaborate on the possibilities and challenges with collaborations across borders.

The session “Lost at Sea” seeks to provide you with inspiring on-going and up-coming solutions for tackling marine litter from sea-based sources, with a focus on fisheries.

Through “The Global Lighthouse” session the conference will present the wave of engagement in coastal cleanups and highlight successful cleanup collaborations and strategies.

Join the conference to be inspired, enlightened and to participate in important discussions about the way forward.

Wednesday 16 October 19:30 – 22:00

Welcome to Lofoten
Meet & greet with drinks and tapas

Thursday 17 October 08:30 – 17:00

Opening of The Lighthouse Lofoten Conference
Official opening statement
About the conference, program and practical information
Setting the scene

From Coast to Coast: Global partnership and cooperation – tasks and ambitions
Global partnership and processes
Cooperation across borders
Panel debate
Lunch at restaurant Paleo

Lost at Sea: Prevention, retrieval and waste reception of marine litter from sea-based sources
A brief introduction to international regulations and government responsibility.
What kind of litter is lost at sea and where does it end up – case study
International cooperation on lost fishing gear
Examples from a well established gear retrieval survey with almost 40 years of experience
How can visualization of fishing activity work preventative in order to avoid losing gear
Example of a well functioning reception and handling system for derelict fishing gear
Degradable solutions in fishing gears
Potential new way to acoustically detect lost gear
Panel debate

Dinner in the authentic fishing village of Henningsvær

Friday 18 October 08:30 – 13:30

The Global Lighthouse: Joining forces and resources in coastal cleanups
Meet & greet
The global phenomenon of coastal cleanups – Motivation and strategy
Joining forces – Methods, tools and participation

Closing the Conference
Final debate
Summary and closing statement
Lunch at restaurant Paleo

Modifications of the programme may occur