Welcome to Lighthouse Lofoten

Lighthouse Lofoten is a solution-focused voyage that consists of three webinars and the international Lighthouse Lofoten conference in March 2022. Through Lighthouse Lofoten, we aim to showcase preventive solutions and technologies and create a dialogue around methods to scale up successful models to reduce marine litter.

We also want to use the Lighthouse to explore how awareness can interact with improved infrastructure and management systems to beat marine plastic pollution.

We held the first Lighthouse Lofoten conference on prevention and clean-up of marine litter in 2019 and in 2022 this solution-based community will come together yet again.

Lighthouse Lofoten is finally shining again and you are welcome to join in and contribute to a solution-focused community for a plastic-free ocean.

18th november 2021 - Prevention of Marine Litter from Sea-based Sources

16. desember 2021 - Kunnskapsstatus og forebyggende tiltak for makroplast fra fiskeri og havbruk

This webinar is held in norwegian.

2. februar 2022 - Rent hav – arbeidsverktøyet og det blå datahavet

This webinar is held in norwegian.

Lighthouse Lofoten Conference 2022 – the guiding light towards prevention of marine litter

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About the organiser of this event

MARINENVIRON is a public centre of expertise and, from 2022, will dedicate its work solely to the global environmental problem of marine litter in our oceans.

The Norwegian government has set MARINENVIRON a mission to be an international knowledge hub on clean-up and prevention of marine litter. We develop technology to coordinate clean-up efforts and spread knowledge about marine litter.