• Arrangør:Senter for oljevern og marint miljø
  • Type:Webinar
  • Når:November 18

How can we accelerate actions to prevent marine litter from sea-based sources? This Lighthouse Lofoten Satellite Activity will highlight preventive solutions and involve those who make them happen.

We are thrilled to contribute to the Ocean decade laboratory “A Clean Ocean” with this Lighthouse Lofoten webinar.

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The objective of the webinar is to catalyse the actions needed to prevent marine litter from sea-based sources. The webinar will create a dialogue around how to solve practical challenges, seek to understand the regional variations and take a dive into the root causes of marine litter from ocean activities.

Through examples, dialogue and sharing knowledge this is our shared guiding light towards prevention of marine litter from sea-based sources.

The webinar programme will be launched the 25th of October and the satellite will consist of:

  • A live streamed event
  • A workshop in break-out rooms with a digital exchange board on the platform Miro
  • An inspirational digital board for all participant for 48 hours

About the organizer of this event

The Norwegian Government has given MARINENVIRON a mission on prevention of marine litter from sea-based sources. MARINENVIRON is a public centre of expertise and will from 2022 dedicate their work solely to the global environmental problem of marine litter in our oceans.

The Satellite Activity is one of three webinar events leading up to the international Lighthouse Lofoten Conference 2022 next year.

Be a part of Lighthouse Lofoten and strengthen its beam on the 18th of November.