• Arrangør:Senter for oljevern og marint miljø
  • Type:Konferanse
  • Hvor:Hybrid conference with in-person participation in Svolvær, Norway and online.
  • Når:29. – March 30 2022

Lighthouse Lofoten is finally shining again and in March 2022 we will welcome you to an international conference - an ambitious turning point for change.

The conference will be held in Svolvær, Norway and it will also be possible to attend online.

We held the first Lighthouse Lofoten conference on prevention and clean-up of marine litter in 2019 and in 2022 this solution-focused community will come together yet again.

Through Lighthouse Lofoten, we aim to showcase preventive solutions and technologies and create a dialogue around methods to scale up successful models to reduce marine litter. We also want to use the Lighthouse to explore how awareness can interact with improved infrastructure and management systems to beat marine plastic pollution.

1) Knowledgebased navigation: learn more about the knowledge status, tools and platform to gather and share more

2) Strengthen the beam: when awareness leads to action

3) The turning point: Scaling up the models. We showcase the excellent examples, big and small, that have the potential to influence and create the changes we need.

If you dedicate your work to preventing marine litter this is the conference for you. Join in to accelerate the necessary action or search for inspiration and insight from those who make it happen.

More information about the conference will be updated continuously.

If you would like more information about our events, please register your interest here, and we will keep you posted.

The first part of the program will be launched at the start of 2022.