Foto: Bo Eide
17- 18 October 2019 | Svolvær in Lofoten

Lighthouse Lofoten

A lighthouse guides us at sea. It does not shine alone but is connected through an international system of lighthouses. Our hope is that Lighthouse Lofoten will function as a navigational aid, guiding us towards a clean and healthy ocean.

The goal of the conference is to connect people working against marine litter around the world, and to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

We will focus on the good solutions to handle the global problem of marine litter. How can we prevent plastics from marine sources to end up in our marine environment? The conference also seeks to find and enlighten how we can join forces and resources to clean up marine litter.

Lighthouse Lofoten

Practical information for participants and speakers

Here you will find a guide to possible traveling routes to Lofoten, information about travel grants and more.

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17- 18 October 2019 | Svolvær in Lofoten – Norway

Welcome to two days of sharing knowledge and experiences in the inspirational and arctic surroundings of the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

The conference is the week before “Our Ocean 2019” in Oslo, Norway.

Contact information:
Phone: +47 901 30 900

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