The Centre for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment is a driving force to develop technology and methods to make society better prepared to handle acute pollution incidents at sea. The purpose is to prevent serious consequences for the marine environment from acute oil spills.

Norway has robust preparedness against acute pollution, strong knowledge communities and producers of oil spill protection equipment with international success. To ensure effective oil spill protection, we must, as a centre of expertise, ensure that we have updated knowledge, technology development and good cooperation nationally and internationally. We work to ensure high awareness about oil spill protection through dissemination of knowledge and dialogue.

The government's work and priorities regarding oil spill protection are described in White Paper no. 35 (2015-2016) På rett kurs – Forebyggende sjøsikkerhet og beredskap mot akutt forurensning (On track - preventive sea safety and preparedness against acute pollution).