Rydde is the digital clean-up tool for voluntary beach cleaners in Norway.

Through Rydde, the Norwegian Centre for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment and Keep Norway Beautiful aim to mobilise people to get involved in more and better clean-ups along the coast and inland. The aim is to promote even more voluntary clean-ups, as well as data collection for use in research.

Rydde make it easy to create and participate in clean-ups, as well as report littered areas in need of clean-ups.

I rydde kan du blant annet registrere ryddeaksjoner, melde deg på andres ryddeaksjoner og melde inn et forsøplet område. Foto: Skjermdump fra ryddenorge.no

Rydde is available as a web solution and as an app for both iOS and Android. The web solution has a few more possibilities and functions, while the app is easy to use during clean-ups outdoor.

This is what you can do in Rydde

• Plan and register new clean-ups directly in the map

• Create public or private clean-ups

• Invite friends and former cleaners to participate

• Stay in touch and make agreements with cleaners

• Receive notifications about operations directly in the app

• Publish pictures from clean-ups

• Receive information about local recycling centres that accept waste

• See where you can collect clean-up equipment free of charge

• Register collected waste to provide researchers with key data bases

• Report littered areas

• Search in data from previous clean-up operations

• Search in statistics on waste collected in recent years

Norway has a long coastline, with several areas that require efforts. If you want to get involved, download Rydde here.