How much oil is released into the ocean each year? And did you know that 46 percent of the oil that is released originates from natural emissions?

Dr. Ken Lee works as a senior scientific adviser in research on oil spill preparedness, contingency and response at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).

Dr. Lee has been studying oil spills for more than 35 years and in this “FED Talk” video he talks about the status of knowledge on oil spill preparedness in Canada and internationally. He also talks about a major international research initiative funded by Canada (The Multi-Partner Research Initiative), in which Canadian and international research communities collaboratively research alternative oil spill preparedness responses and clean-up measures.

He also answers the following questions:

How much oil is released into the ocean?

Where does all the oil come from?

What happens to the oil that is released?

What is it important to know in order to make good decisions about measures in the event of an oil spill?